Today individuals are not eligible to register the domain name and close the BT website

China Internet Network Information Center announced today the individual is not eligible to register domain name

to strengthen the domain name registration information audit work, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) 13 announcement stipulates that from at 14 am on the morning of 9, individual users will not be eligible for domain name registration.

registered domain name one by one audit

it is understood that the day before yesterday evening, after study, CNNIC decided to require users to register online services submitted to the domain name domain name registration application, shall submit the written application materials.

application materials include: the official seal of the domain name registration application form (original), business license or organization code certificate (copy), the registration of the identity certificate (copy). This means that as long as the individual user can not provide business license or organization code certificate, you can not register domain name.

has been registered for the previous personal website, CNNIC will be carried out one by one audit of its domain name registration information, to find the domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, will contact the customer within 5 working days of correction. On the expiration of the domain name has not been amended, will be in accordance with the China Internet domain name management approach twenty-eighth, the provisions of article thirty-fourth, canceled.

refuted the closure of BT China related

yesterday, the ban came out on the Internet have speculated that the move with the CNNIC before the closure of illegal audio-visual website. However, the parties have refuted the claim, clean up illegal Internet audio-visual program service website has been pushed forward by steps."

relevant responsible person said, some sites open, a lot of piracy propagation TV drama, the program also contains a large number of pornographic and vulgar content, serious damage to the physical and mental health of young people and television programs in the interests of the copyright. To this end, SARFT and the former Ministry of information industry in December 2007 jointly issued the "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service".

closed the BT China Alliance and other specialized in pirated film and television programs to download the website does not hold the license, do not have the qualifications to engage in Internet audio-visual program services. SARFT has repeatedly reiterated, engaging in Internet audio-visual program service institutions must hold the "permit" or filing procedures, those who engage in Internet audio-visual program service in violation of the "Regulations" of the website will be punished. This month 20 days ago, has not held the "permit" the website can still put up for office, where qualified sites can be approved business.

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