Facebook acquisition of social networking site FriendFeed

August 11th news, Facebook today announced the acquisition of innovative online sharing service FriendFeed. As part of the acquisition agreement, all employees will join Facebook FriendFeed, in the process of product planning, FriendFeed.com site will continue to operate normally. Although the financial terms of the acquisition has not been disclosed, but the media analysis of the news that the price is about $50 million.

emerging social network aggregation services company FriendFeed is headquartered in mountain view, California, the existing 12 employees, the core product is provided for the polymerization of personal information online social networking services, through the FriednFeed user can put yourself in some common social network information aggregation to an address, to help users to track friends and family in many dating website, blog publishing tools, photo upload web site activities. FriednFeed is something like "integrator" for the polymerization of Feed service, statistics statistics users friends sharing the number of entries that can be seen from some part of the user’s habits and their habit of sharing.

FriendFeed co-founder Bret · (Bret Taylor) said, Facebook and FriendFeed have a common vision, that is, to provide users with friends to share and interconnect tools. Join the Facebook team, the FriendFeed will develop innovative features available to Facebook 250 million users worldwide. Chris, vice president of Facebook product management, · (Chris Cox), said the core value of FriendFeed is its product compatibility and ubiquitous innovation ideas.

for the acquisition of Facebook behavior, social network analyst Wei Jun pointed out that the aggregation of services as the core of social media sharing features will effectively improve the efficiency of user applications. Through the acquisition of Facebook FriendFeed will further enhance the social network aggregation service capabilities, help users to improve the efficiency of Facebook. In China, the (Comsenz) UCenter Home Comsenz (UCHome) open source website products as the representative of the social network (SNS) is an important force for the popularity of various vertical segments using UCenter Home to build the social network has more than 13 million. In the past, only young people interested in online social networking, and now has been popular in all ages, in order to improve the efficiency of social networking applications, social networking services will inevitably become the focus of attention.

the characteristics of the domestic social networking community is obvious, social network aggregation services with information as the core localization features. As in UCenter Home 2.>

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