Server agents report naked chat site owners into tens of thousands

dozens of performers performing every day ten hours, while online membership reached two or three people, a registered member of nearly ten thousand people, the daily for ten yuan this was named "date" website, by the server agent a strong (a pseudonym) known as the largest porn video website.

strong once dating bar server agent for a period of time, but because it involves pornographic content, the server was confiscated by the relevant departments. "Date" webmaster Lee did not think their reputation, and vowed to find him afterwards". I can not do business now, I want to report him to be arrested so far." Qiang said.

in October 19th, and a reporter to reflect 5 other similar websites "zero entertainment", "shine", "Star Entertainment", "happy", "midnight sky". [site]


content of the performance of

members spend money like water not fit to be seen.

19, 12 noon, "date" dozens of "baby" (i.e., performers) online show, online membership amounted to hundreds of people, and this is when the site the most leisurely. Qiang said that the website from noon to two or three every morning uninterrupted performances, the maximum number of online at night from 8 to 12, and now nearly ten thousand registered members.

download files from the Internet, and installed on the computer to log on to the site. In the hall of the website, there is "baby" in the public window free performance, the host constantly encourage members to pay attention to the next performance bar. In the show column, enter the dozens of "baby" in his room for membership, performing according to the contents of the different members entered the room when you need to pay the amount of virtual currency ranging, virtual currency number are named "villa" and "car" and so on, the general performance for 10 to 30 minutes.

"baby" to see the membership in the room enough, will begin to show, the most wear Touming or bare, make a not fit to be seen action, at the same time and watch the members of real-time communication, to prove to be a live performance. By means of word John, let a baby play V gestures, see each other after did it. Subsequently, the baby while performing from time to time to ask what members need to perform.

according to the amount of members to pay, members are divided into VIP, ordinary and tourists, such as different levels of service received naturally different. Jiang said, he looked at these sites for more than half a year, found that many members of some consumer can spend money like water, as tens of thousands of dollars a night. And these members will be treated differently, the common is smuggling (meaning one to one service), a charge of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

[profit staggering]

Every day tens of thousands of

accounted for, part-time "baby" monthly income of million yuan

According to a

analysis, "need a compact structure date" huge recorded. As a webmaster website owners into the highest proportion, accounted for tens of thousands of dollars every day. There is a front desk (site management), >

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