Mod_pagespeed load time compression 50% to get your site to run faster

mod_pagespeed is an open source Apache module, which is developed by Google, by optimizing your web page to reduce response latency and bandwidth usage. Last week, Google officially launched the 1 stable version of mod_pagespeed.

mod_pagespeed is how to accelerate the site’s


mod_pagespeed as Apache HTTP Server module, immediately make optimal adjustment of more than 15 kinds of it at the request of service ", including the optimization of cache, minimize client server round-trip journey, effective transmission volume compression. After the experimental observation, mod_pagespeed can make the page load time compression 50% – in other words, the speed is doubled, sometimes even faster. The video below compares the effects of using mod_pagespeed and not using it.

The basic principle of


mod_pagespeed is to improve the efficiency of web page delay and bandwidth by modifying the resources on the requested web page. Apache HTTP Server in the service site resources, mod_pagespeed module in each of the optimization measures are put into a customizable filter. Some filters modify the HTML content directly, while others filter the CSS, JavaScript, and images referenced in the page to create a more optimized page.

mod_pagespeed current industry usage

, the world’s largest provider of host Go Daddy and mod_pagespeed developers to deploy mod_pagespeed on their 8 million 500 thousand client hosts. Cotendo also integrates mod_pagespeed into their core engine to enhance their content distribution network (CDN) services.

Google released in the form of open source mod_pagespeed, including a variety of Linux platform Apache module compiler version, you can download them here. You can also access the official mailing list of the mod_pagespeed project to get the latest updates.

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