nventory Baidu four notice to fight the chain object

October 2012 Baidu Webmaster Platform released "on upgrading the hyperlink cheating algorithm, November 2012 Baidu Webmaster Platform released" linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit the January 2013 announcement, Baidu Webmaster Platform released "Guan Yuli Baidu Hoplinks hanging black chain problem statement" announcement, February 2013 Baidu Adsense the platform has released a "Baidu Scindapsus algorithm on-line announcement, then take the Baidu has taken measures to crack down on the violation of the above website! The industry generally believe that Baidu is making the fight against fraud chain chain site analysis to opportunistic, following the author on the above announcement:

Black chain

1 viral: such as "Chinese tea net" released this station source code to A5 or CHINA station for free download, but in the "China tea source inside the implanted network" web site, do not know the procedure to download the template webmaster, formed to hide a lot of black chain, this is the legendary black chain viral spread, this method is very effective in the early stage, and often master boasting, who have now finished


2 with toxic links: no doubt the link is the most valuable chain. In earlier years, Links trading is a business, some local official website sold tens of hundreds of friends of the chain, which is seriously out of the nature of a chain, the impact of the search rank of impartiality, nearly one or two years of the famous search engine chain to crack down on cheating, or even a chain of cheating be sitting right down the image search engine.

3 opportunistic soft outside the chain: with the sale of a chain of local official site was the major search engines included in the chain platform is not popular, the two soft outside the chain of fire up. Soft outside the chain of Gu Ming is inserted into the chain in the soft, soft outside the chain not only optimize the website function, and soft Wen and marketing promotion effect. Now a little bit of strength on the soft Wen site, but some sites in order to save the expense of a opportunistic, outside the chain of a soft belt on several different sites even with the aid of the soft chain cross links in the chain, Baidu’s new algorithm which belongs to cheat the chain is also severely hit by the


4 batch BBS signature of the chain: the chain BBS signature exactly what happened? The two station network on the forum outside the chain has two kinds of different processing modes, A5 canceled the BBS signature, CHINZ continue to retain. We often see some sites outside the chain of hundreds of thousands are from several fixed forum signature, although early BBS signature of the chain quality strong, but has the advantage of the quantity, I still have a little positive effect on the website, but after Baidu released a new algorithm, a site appears in the same forum signature large chain be considered garbage outside the chain, will reduce the negative effects on the right site


5 Baidu series of products do not love you did not discuss the chain: Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu library, Baidu post bar and other Baidu products, these products are the weight of their own

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