Video barrage site Acfun domain name registration information has been deleted reoccurrence predicam

renamed China ( July 18th hearing, it is reported that yesterday was the domain registrar civilink stop parsing (clientHold) video barrage site Acfun, and stalls event. At noon today, users found that record information website Acfun two domain name was deleted, the related information corresponding to the original query are not belong to Hangzhou Youqu Network Limited company name. While the Acfun website or failed to get rid of the fate of being shut down?

read: Video barrage site Acfun to restore access to the domain name was holdFigure

: Video barrage site Acfun

Acfun opened in June 2007, is China’s earlier development of a barrage of video sharing sites. As the world’s largest DNS for 72 hours, so this morning, although the official website domain name information status is displayed as clientHold, but the site can still continue to visit. Currently, the domain name has been unable to access, jump to 114 navigation, and the relevant.Tv suffix domain name can be normal access.

Whois information

That China whois renamed

query system, domain name registrar for the currently known network, the domain name is hold, is still with the reorganization of video resources domain registrar misoperation about compliance. In addition, another domain name status is shown to be transferred (pendingTransfer), the official has not yet given a positive explanation.

micro-blog information

at noon today, some netizens said that the video barrage site Acfun all domain name registration is cancelled, the company under the name of Hangzhou Youqu network query is not the corresponding record and domain name. The site has not yet been aware of the deletion of the record information, does it mean that the site will permanently shut down


recent net net action of the fierce momentum, many video sites have closed the storm, like Nora jurisprudence by heavy penalties, shut down, everyone in the film was also briefly shut down However, the current BiliBili domestic barrage site can normal visit.

for the video barrage site Acfun domain name is hold, no official response to this incident. At present, small website domain name, will jump to 114 navigation page, and can normally access the video barrage site Acfun, although not yet know the domain name is Hold, compliance with the "net" or video resources, but the incident "Chinese will continue to concern.

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