How to build a successful e commerce blog

for a website owner, a blog may be a very useful tool to attract and retain customers. Running an e-commerce blog tends to be more difficult than other types of blog, because a successful e-commerce blog blog and e-commerce must be two distinct world seamless integration. The world and culture of blogs tend to be casual, personal, social, interactive and so on. Electronic commerce, on the other hand, tends to be professional and streamlined, focusing on the most effective way for consumers to buy goods. For visitors, blog visitors for self promotion and advertising is not much patience, and electronic business visitors understand the site is dedicated to advertising and sales. For the combination of the two different worlds, it is not easy to make visitors feel comfortable to visit, but potentially a huge rate of return. So what is a good way to build a successful e-commerce blog? The author will share some of their experience in the following.

one: starting from the quality of the article

it’s time for us to focus on the idea that search engines only like fresh content and ignore quality. In reality, the search engine will be more like a lot of high quality content. In many cases, such as the use of keywords related to news, can help to update the content, but for an e-commerce blog novelty is not enough. When users search through the search for relevant useful content, search engines have become very picky, with the update of the algorithm, they are for the low quality of spam screening has become even better. If you can’t create something worth reading, don’t spend your time on the blog.

two: blog updates have frequency

on the Internet we can find many of the final release date is in the past several months of the blog, the blog directory sometimes looks like a ghostly museum. Thousands of blogs are created every day. But most of them fail. They can’t wait for the blog to get their attention or make money. E-commerce blog is a huge opportunity to understand and interact with customers behind the screen, if an update is not outdated blog will affect the image of your company. The administrator of an e-commerce site must be aware of the fact that a blog is a long-term strategy before starting a blog. If you want to succeed, you must be able to endure loneliness.

three: blog relevance

blog will be more free than e-commerce blog. For example, the author has come up with a parenting blog, the author is talking about his or her life related information. E-commerce blog is completely different. We must minimize irrelevant topics. At the same time convey the passion and enthusiasm of the industry. Even if your industry is the most boring thing in the whole area. I have an e-commerce site teayg tea pavilion, the main site is to Tieguanyin sales mainly in the blog.

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