P2P offline promotion tricks real estate intermediary convenience stores have become showmanship ou

every reporter Zhu Dandan from Beijing

in recent years, China’s P2P industry explosive growth, development so far, P2P platform also derived a lot of models.

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, at present, there are various promotional tactics under different China P2P industry line, such as grafting of small loan companies, the city of "O2O" mode, in convenience stores, kiosks and real estate intermediary etc..

to take a variety of ways to promote the line, simply to save marketing costs, make full use of resources. And find a convenience store and other cooperation model is conducive to resource sharing." E micro loan CEO waves pointed out.

many industry insiders told reporters that due to the current domestic credit system is not perfect, pure platform mode is difficult to adapt to the current financial environment, so many P2P platform in the mode of the localization of innovation, appeared online and offline combined model. However, with the continuous improvement of the credit system, the future of pure online operation of the P2P platform or will produce a strong competitive edge.

offline promotion innovation mode of frequent

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, with the appropriate letter (a large number of physical outlets and business line, sales and credit review mainly done online), pat loans (adhere to the pure online credit review mode), some P2P platform each extraordinary move for the next line promotion.

in addition to the earlier favorable net grafting of small loan companies, pterosaurs loan City borrowing O2O model, namely the P2P become a community of Inclusive Finance, E micro loan at present cooperation in Hunan province and convenience stores, kiosks and so on; a P2P platform in Beijing was founded in March of the hand real estate intermediary business.

side is the urgent need to raise the size of the financing of small loan companies, while the desire to invest in the subject, to enhance the size of the trading platform P2P. Based on this, the favorable network as the representative of a number of platforms, select the line with the microfinance institutions together to design products, find customers online.

The so-called

cooperation with small loan agency model is taken into account to complete the credit investigation of the borrower’s online platform, with the help of the existing small loan company resources, be responsible for the development of the next line borrowers, complete customer credit investigation, audit, loan management, collection and other work, and provide guarantees of principal and interest.

to take online docking financial needs of investors, the line with the small loan agency cooperation model to achieve efficient matching funds. Small loan agency company in the choice of cooperation, usually choose and butt mature credit loans to small, chain operation, advanced business model, and require small credit institutions to provide 100% guarantee of principal and interest to recommend borrowers, if the borrower defaulted, directly compensated to ensure safety of investors." Advantageously, the official pointed out.

at the same time, the city O2O mode has become one of the important ways to promote the line.

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