Do you know How to set up the company’s financial system

new company after registration, you need to go to the tax registration, registration need to be registered as a company accounting. After the report is completed, the company needs to start the monthly accounts and tax declaration to the tax organ.

Acting accounting bookkeeping is the daily work of accounting and tax, the following 6 aspects of a brief introduction.

what is accounting? Tax?

The original certificate

account is correct (according to the audit business of all revenues, costs, expenses and invoices), in accordance with the national unified accounting system, using the specified entry method for classification of economic business order, registration books to go.

tax declaration is the taxpayer to comply with the statutory duty to pay, in the reporting period, in the form of written or electronic data to the competent tax authorities to declare tax payment behavior. Taxpayers accordingly pay the corresponding tax.

, such as in the tax period, the company did not pay taxes on time, the competent tax authorities can be punished according to the provisions of the enterprise. Return time requirements, the general monthly levy period is 1-15, in the case of national legal holidays, can be extended. Please pay attention to the specific circumstances of the local tax authorities website announcement.

company tax filing process:

1, customers provide tax information

2, identify the customer’s financial contacts, understand the customer’s business content and business processes;

3, every month from 25 to the next month on the 5 day, with the customer to communicate the situation of the month

4, according to the information provided by customers, accounting, financial statements, tax returns

5, print payment book, signed the agreement between the three parties to pay taxes directly on the Internet customers, did not sign the agreement of the three party to bring their own payments to the bank to pay taxes;

6, binding vouchers, financial statements, statements and other financial information.

venture company financial aspects of common problems

1, what is a small-scale taxpayer of VAT


small-scale taxpayers refers to the annual sales under the prescribed standards, and accounting is not perfect, can not be submitted in accordance with the provisions of the relevant tax information value-added tax payers. The accounting is not perfect is not able to correctly calculate the VAT output tax, VAT and tax payable.

2, small-scale enterprises which can be adopted by

The company set up

address can be before the election in a preferential tax policy of science and technology or settled in the park, the establishment of the company, can get tax breaks through the application of high-tech, high-tech enterprise income tax in general can be three consecutive year reduction of 10%.

3, if the delay due to the tax filing, what will happen?

where a taxpayer fails to pay tax within the prescribed time limit according to the measures for the administration of tax collection and administration of the People’s Republic of China,

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