Behind the aircraft carrier program Baidu step by step through the search to promote dependence

recently, Baidu’s Baidu literature business to introduce a strategic investment in the perfect group, which is another important action since the implementation of the aircraft carrier program Baidu. We can see that the Baidu group is to make snap to reform. In fact, Liu Kuang believes that the purpose of the Baidu aircraft carrier plan is: to build the whole industry chain ecology.


mentioned ecology, many people may think of today as the music ecosystem. Through the music as music as sports, music as pictures, music, music as cloud computing providers and other subsidiaries of opening up financing, in a short period of time to build a huge music as ecological systems. We can see that, from the conservative to open, is the first step towards a company ecological, Baidu is no exception.

for Baidu, a series of things to them began to change, to build an aircraft carrier program from Baidu’s determination can get a glimpse. Today’s Baidu, is also a breakthrough in the search for the promotion of dependence.

breakthrough search promotion in one: the aircraft carrier plans to present a new ecological Baidu

The Baidu

carrier program began in July last year, Baidu plans to take out and 91 desktop more than and 10 projects for independent development and opening up financing, direct investment assets to external investors the opportunity to Baidu. In just a year’s time, Baidu plans to use the aircraft carrier has built a new Baidu ecosystem.

1, Baidu takeaway, homework help to represent the service ecosystem

for delivery, many people may think that just outside the room, except room, pharmacy distribution, supermarket goods distribution are loved by more and more users, today the takeaway is becoming a door-to-door service platform, is not limited to send meal. Baidu takeaway as an early member of the Baidu aircraft carrier program, after the independent operation has been a considerable development.

in the takeaway market, has become a white-collar takeaway again, even in the popular takeaway market "white-collar worker who in the world". According to a recent DCCI Internet Data Center released "the first half of 2016 Chinese white-collar third party network delivery service" research data show that the market share, Baidu takeaway for 33.1%, U.S. 33%, hungry for 28%, the takeaway market has actually presented a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. As for Baidu takeaway, it has built its own three river protection.

the first door river is Baidu’s knight team, currently Baidu logistics team is built, thus ensuring the efficiency of delivery, ensure the delivery service quality, more conducive to team management; second door river is artificial intelligence system of Baidu takeaway, through the use of artificial intelligence technology, Baidu can take out to achieve a more accurate and quick takeaway delivery; third door river is the big data technology mining and analysis capabilities, can help businesses to develop a better marketing strategy, but also more clearly predict to the user’s takeout hobby >

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