Taobao exposes fake bag business over 40 thousand yuan monthly

compared with the increasing base, Taobao is facing a crisis of fake flooding.

only dare to buy Tmall flagship store, other channels, there is no courage to start." Yesterday, the "double eleven" promotion war, from Hangzhou, Miss Shen zero just over, in the UNIQLO flagship store bought two pieces of clothes, although the price that there are less likely shop, these a few years to buy a fake is too high."

, who has a level of V5 in Taobao’s buyers, has spent at least 150 thousand of the past year. This is a very experienced buyers, she has just had a fake transactions, "buy a cosmetics, because just ran out, looking for a Shanghai crown sellers, prices and Hongkong to buy almost evaluation very much, many buyers have comments, by contrast with goods sure, really."

buy back, just opened the bottle she felt wrong, and then apply for return with the seller, the seller is not willing to ask why. Miss Shen said: "with this cosmetics more than 20 bottles, and you this is fake." The seller will not speak, gave a Shaoxing Keqiao address agreed to return.

this kind of cosmetics is not mixed with fake, I do not know the name of the brand into the majority of cosmetics." Miss Shen said, at least, will not let your face problems.

the seller usually write a Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, in fact, in other wholesale shipments, if you request a return will find the actual address this kind of sellers to, with the majority of the wholesale market. This type of seller, often very inconsistent with the city transactions, they are afraid that the seller found a fake to the business sector to report.

, a cosmetics market in Hangzhou, the reporter saw the mark of Qianjiang market, there are many well-known cosmetics are randomly placed on the ground, the wholesale boss told reporters that SK II God of water, Lancome black bottle, Estee Lauder red pomegranate series are selling better, a bottle of the wholesale price in dozens of yuan.

this kind of cosmetics in the mall is a bottle of the price in one thousand yuan, some shop owner went to the wholesale, but, unlike the traditional wholesale market is that they are not goods, most of the business shop to buy.

business is the best sample series, most consumers even buy fake sample, because the price is not high, often to adults.


, the director of Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zheng Yumin at the national industry and commerce authorities network market supervision work experience exchange site will be said that the current network shopping market, has become one of the important battlefield of the protection of consumer rights.


for most of the fake to subsist by sellers, they become more and more vague, a Taobao bag selling fake sellers told reporters that her monthly sales of fifty thousand yuan, profit of about forty thousand yuan.


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