Product marketing are learning a little red rice starter certification space light


to raise a Babel of criticism of red fruits fall off when ripe finally yesterday afternoon mobile phone. 799/4G/ dual-mode /4.7 inch, product positioning and configuration and previously rumored, the conference itself does not have too many accidents, the biggest highlight from the first choice of red rice millet official certification space.


is a Tencent investment millet, or the two signed a cooperation agreement? All the speculation aside, even if the two cooperation, why choose not the first mobile phone red rice, WeChat micro-blog, but this platform QQ space? Before studying this problem, may wish to review several times before the start of millet mobile phone.

to dial back two years ago, in August 16, 2011, Beijing 798 Art Center D· PARK, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans Lei is like another Jobs. The old boy do poineering work again after the age of 40, as passionate about his 1999 yuan mobile phone fancier like a young man, and he is passionate and common millet mobile phone staff, and hundreds of them carrying Rice noodles millet Lei Jun’s passion, also carrying millet employees dream. Lei Jun at this time, is the idealist Lei Jun.

after the successful operation of a number of hunger marketing, in May 18, 2012, millet youth version released 4 months later, millet 2 release, while millet phone also upgraded to 1S 1. The conference is still located in Beijing 798 Art Center, and before the difference is that the conference admission tickets, fares 199 yuan. Tickets could not stop the enthusiasm of Rice noodles, in addition to Beijing, a lot of Rice noodles even from afar to participate in the conference, they not only pay 199 yuan of money, also agreed that "millet is a good mobile phone"…… When the moment Lei appears, Rice noodles have a round of applause, surrounded him up in April of the same year at the Discuz moment! Owners meeting, Lei Jun shared "focus, extreme, reputation, fast" business seven words, in a year long time are the other entrepreneurs relish. This is Lei Jun, Lei Jun is also a business mentor Lei Jun preacher.


in December 21st of the same year, Sina micro-blog started selling millet millet mobile phone 2, which is Sina micro-blog social online shopping first single, 50 thousand sets of millet mobile phone 2 in 5 minutes and 14 seconds sold out. At this time Lei Jun has been upgraded to a marketing guru, he is familiar with and skilled use of hunger marketing, social media, Sina micro-blog through this platform, Lei Jun is not only sell 50 thousand sets of mobile phone, also will be the brand of millet spread to 500 thousand or more of the micro-blog group.

July 22, 2013, the 3 anniversary of the day from the millet mobile phone only a few days, and then push the red rice millet mobile phone, select the Lei debut in the QQ space. At 15 p.m. on July 31, 2013

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