Baidu denounced Alibaba in the Sanlu incident pass rumors deliberately

September 16th news, Baidu spokesman for the media position, severely condemned in the recent Sanlu incident, Alibaba group has targeted Baidu rumors spread behavior.


Taobao home related reports screenshot

September 12th, a netizen uploaded a Sanlu Group Crisis Public Relations proposal documents, revealed that Sanlu public relations has been suggested to contact with Baidu, Baidu hopes to help remove the recent negative information. This file was quickly misreading, rumored as "Baidu collection 3 million for shielding Sanlu negative information, Baidu in September 13 to the public immediately issued a statement pointed out that Baidu has never been shielded and Sanlu incident any search results, search results are everything.


after the announcement, the media widely carried out an objective and fair coverage of some misinformation, rumors quickly subside. However, the shocking thing happened, in September 14th, Alibaba group’s use of its resources, to make a large spread of the above rumors. In the Alibaba website page headlines, Taobao web page headlines, Alibaba merchants forum headlines, Alibaba use the "Sanlu milk powder crisis pulled Baidu was the largest online underworld", "Sanlu 3 million friends explosion cover Baidu" the title of frightful to the ear. Alibaba also by Taobao want a pop-up window, the Alibaba member honesty information as above the title of the wider dissemination and promotion. Relevant information, Baidu have evidence, Baidu will also help the Alibaba group deliberately spread rumors caused by the adverse effects, the right to retain its next legal action.

Baidu spokesman said: as is known to all, Baidu is about to launch C2C, and has announced the payment platform officially named BaiduPay, which has caused widespread concern and discussion in the industry and the media. Baidu C2C launch will provide users with more and better choices. "For competitors, regardless of the moral principles, to combat use unscrupulous divisive tactics" does not meet Baidu’s values, the principle of competition more open and win-win in Baidu, Baidu hopes to cooperate with all colleagues, contribute to the prosperity and development of China e-commerce market


News: Baidu statement: never promised to shield Sanlu negative search results

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