How to use holiday promotion to promote mall website

every day, you will find that many of the mall site will hang prices very attractive promotion advertising, and various businesses will be tried various means to promote, this is the use of holiday promotions to attract new customers and old customers feedback, an efficient way of promotion. So do mall friends want to attract business must learn how to use holiday promotion to promote their website.

price is always a promotional tool, can stimulate consumer desire for consumption. The study found that the reasons for the purchase of consumer motivation, one factor is because of price concessions. In the festival, the use of preferential prices to promote the product is the best means of promotion. So how to use holiday promotion to promote it?

a, the product price tag

is the most important part of the holiday promotion. It is very important that the price tag of a product relates to whether the customer will buy it. How to write the product price language? There are 2 kinds of writing in general: 1, the original price 200 yuan of products now need only 160 yuan, saving 40 yuan!; 2, the original price 200 yuan of products now rate hit 20 percent off. The 2 one is the price concessions, but the buyer the feeling is completely different. First buyers will feel that the product is worth 200 yuan, the buyer will feel that the product will be $160 on the original $second. We all know the popular group purchase group purchase price, the general language will write: only 160 yuan! The original price 200 yuan, saving 40 yuan for you! Price of language writing is about.

two, manufacturing atmosphere

to create an atmosphere of lively buy boiling, Chinese would love to join in the fun, either offline or online, and it can also reflect the mall’s high popularity, let buyers think shopping here would be more at ease. So how to make a lively scene? 1, the mall for appropriate decoration, such as hanging some will flashing advertisements, background and so on, 2, this comment, as many, 3, let the buyer feel a sense of urgency, such as prominent "only today just enjoy this price" and "limited edition 100" ad

three, promotion

promotion should be timely, multi-channel and! For so many efforts decoration shop, engage in a large number of preferential policy is to attract customers to buy, so can’t wait for the customer to come to you, they should take the initiative. There are many ways to promote the network, and try to try every way, do not be afraid of tired, not because of the face of the problem and not to promote.

above is how to promote the use of the festival website to promote the sharing of experience, we can follow these ideas, in the festival to develop promotional programs, and then to perform the operation.

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