Baidu is just a tool close to the user is the ultimate goal of doing SEO

many webmaster is daily on Baidu’s algorithm, in fact the webmaster do have overlooked one point, that is the search engine is a service for users, and Baidu search engine is just a tool, regardless of its algorithm how to upgrade, is to focus on the user experience to do, only to meet the users experience of Web site, Baidu also can make you rank the following specific to analysis:

we all know that this year Baidu continuously updated several times its algorithm, each update of Baidu is to emphasize the user must valuable content provided to the site, in accordance with the user experience of the website, the webmaster to do one of the difficulties of SEO, before I also said that if a user to use the search engine search results, can not solve the problem of users is of no value to the user, and in this case, the user will not use this search, from this little case we can see how important the value of user experience (, which is why the webmaster must update value to the users of the original article, we must stand in the user’s perspective, more for the sake of users, so as to increase user confidence in you .

The process of

in the future to do SEO, website operators must pay more attention to the user experience, said before the "content is king, the chain for emperor", in fact, this sentence is not completely, if the user to provide valuable content to meet user experience, I think it is right, so do SEO don’t just perfunctory Baidu, must further user groups, with user communication, build your own web site chain as soon as possible, allowing users to create value to the user, because the user is the best understanding of the user, using the user interaction with the user’s needs, this is the best user experience, this is the future a major theme of the website operation.

has also recently found a phenomenon that many medical site is down right, the reason is very obvious, the medical industry is profiteering, it is known to all, and many medical site updates inside and outside chain way didn’t focus on the user experience to do, there are tens of thousands of employees of Baidu Inc, it will detect why not? I think this is a lot of medical site is down right fundamentally, in addition to focus on the user experience, the user valuable content, increase the chain is not less than, but also need to focus on the user experience to do, because the chain is like a "vote" in the form of the same. If the high weight of the site have a link to your website to your website voted in an article on this site is favorable, but the premise is the quality of the chain you must meet the user To provide valuable content to the user.

Conclusion: Baidu

is just a tool, close to the user is the ultimate goal of SEO, the user experience value will be the trend of future search engine, only focus on the user experience, to better do SEO, I think the future of the Internet is a clean Internet environment, sleep is not like now so much.

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