Novice entrepreneurs choose what project is appropriate

now the society, the employment pressure increases, at the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the community, for some entrepreneurs who are in the process of the first venture, the choice of the project is a very important part.

1, women’s clothing store

2, home improvement building materials store

at present, China’s residential decorative decoration industry has become an important pillar industry in national economy, every family decoration decoration supplies consumption and consumption are very large numbers. Home improvement industry to carry out chain operations officially started in 2001. At present, China’s home improvement industry chain has not yet formed a complete sense of the norms, the entire home improvement market is still in a relatively backward, chaotic market structure.

3, agricultural fruit shop

4, Kakaoru jewelry store

for the fragrance industry, there is a woman where there is opportunity. Spa, aromatherapy is increasingly recognized and welcomed by fashion ladies. In addition to the female market, aromatherapy has developed to the daily life in every corner, recommended

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