What are the purchase of electric unicycle skills

to buy an electric wheelbarrow, a lot of people do not know how to choose to choose, as a contact for a long time the veterans, to share a few points to buy electric unicycle experience here, for you to buy a wheelbarrow consumers: simply speaking, can be summed up in a few words words: a look at the two, three, four by touch, ask.

a look, is to look at the car. How to see the car packing, with foam and Pearl plate has not cut corners, cars and spare parts can not very well protected; see the car work, housing is still its own mold, what is material, whether smooth; aviation pedal materials and sizes such as tire; whether it is good brand. Mark of 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch are matched; the power switch at the gap is too large; the indicator light work is sophisticated; check packing accessories, manual and warranty card is complete, whether in accordance with the brand type, carrying accessories are complete, charger, auxiliary wheels and auxiliary belt is installed. The more careful you are, the more questions you will see.

two touch, that is, do not ride the car to check the situation. By carrying a car carrying the weight heavy enough; the car tires down on the ground under the observation of air volume weigh several pedal is not easy to open, check and magnet suction ability; shell or other hard materials by hand knock, see what you can find the best materials, like an old car a crash test, the car broke out to see the car, the car is no problem, but this is the premise of the owner’s consent to, otherwise the car broke down but prone to disputes; tire by hand pinch, to see how the quality of power; for not running, by hand before and after pull the car, look at the car before and after the pulling force big, the car is inclined or up, look at whether the power-off protection function; to stand up, to see if there is no feeling of discomfort, not knock knock your leg. The general principle is to look good and feel comfortable.

three questions, is to ask a variety of details. We should be most concerned about is the quality of the car and after-sales service. The car’s hardware configuration, such as controller, gyroscope, batteries and motors from where and how much of the cost of the battery and motor parameters; there is no deficiency; software is the independent intellectual property right; the shell is its own patent right; what is the difference from other brands, such as waterproof performance what, other conditions apply whether or not what are the unique technology; where the factory, large scale, has its own production workshop or other OEM etc.. For the car we are asked to focus on customer service, and long warranty period, when there is a problem how to repair, if the agent cannot do, manufacturers are considering how the costs generated what etc.. Your questions as soon as I think many agent will have dizzy feeling, yes, as a consumer, is to feel this way.

four ride, ride yourself

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