Mentougou Beijing cave remains or missing 8 years ago the middle school teachers

Beijing of Mentougou at a cave recently discovered the remains of two bodies, are rotten to remaining bones. Some people may be missing 8 years ago in Beijing, a high school teacher.

According to the

one remains in postmortem interval before and after 2008, and this year the intention to Mentougou Miaofeng Mountain expedition Ren Tiesheng teacher close to missing, many netizens suspected any Tiesheng teachers. It is reported that 5 points in the morning of September 30, 2008, the 61 year old fifth Beijing geography teacher any Tiesheng home to Mentougou missing adventure. From October 1st onwards, rescuers repeatedly into the mountains to find any tiesheng. It is understood that, once found any Tiesheng footprints in the Miaofeng Mountain near Mentougou Langdong village and Shanfang village. In October 9th, the road to iron Tuo hill Dishuiyan direction, found a piece of any Tiesheng left card. Any Tiesheng has nearly 30 years experience of climbing, had to be climbed around Beijing mountain size.

currently remains had been sent for DNA detection, but there is no clear conclusion. After the incident, the police were also on the matter for the record, once the suspected remains of the DNA than the exact results, will notify the family, but as of now, the family has not received notification of the police. Local police said it did, but the specific situation is still under investigation, but also inconvenient to disclose.

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