How to cultivate repeat customers

a shop if you can have more repeat customers, so that not only to simplify the operation of the store, but also allows operators to protect the profits. Therefore, for any one shop, repeat training is a very important thing. However, how to cultivate repeat customers shop? In fact, this is more concerned about the owner.

case introduction:

is a small town in the south, there is a young shop businessman, he is the town 10 meters one, he is always waiting for customers in the store, business is not good. One day, he realized that should be more for the sake of the town residents, understand their needs and expectations, and not simply for those who come to the store to provide customers with rice. He believes that it is not just to provide the same services as other rice merchants, but should provide more residents. He decided to set up a record for the customer’s eating habits and buying cycle, and began to deliver goods to customers.

first, he knocked on the door of every customer, ask how many people at home, need every day how to cook a bowl of rice, the rice pot home and other problems. After that, he decided to provide free delivery service for each family, and fixed the time to take the initiative to fill each family’s rice cans. For example, a family of 4 people, an average of about 2 meters per person per day, the family needs to be 8 bowls of rice a day, the rice can be filled with a bowl of rice or close to a bag of rice.

The new

service through the establishment of these records and provide, he first successfully with old customers and other more residents to establish a more extensive and deeper. His business has gradually expanded, the need to hire more employees, a person responsible for the reception to the mall counter to buy rice customers, two people responsible for delivery. His business is booming by taking time to visit residents and dealing with the relationship between the supplier and the people he knows.

improve consumer loyalty

such a simple story gives us inspiration from three aspects:

first, seek direct contact with customers;

second, in-depth understanding of these customers, to understand their activity cycle and any help to build relationships with customers;

third, the establishment of a customer – oriented service system, and cultivate loyal customers.

According to

, a survey in the United States, a patron of retail stores will average 50 thousand yuan to buy the goods within 10 years of loyal customers to store 3 times the return. They will take the initiative to buy again, which makes them the investment in marketing and sales costs than to attract new customers the cost to be low.

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