Finance open coffee shop two not mistaken

money and open a coffee shop eight pole could not beat, but others can perfectly combine the 2, the perfect fusion of the 2, dig out the hitherto unknown opportunities, dig out the hitherto unknown market.

If a cafe, investors can often communicate here, listen to the successful experience of their successful investment ideas to share with you, will certainly be occupation investors and the stock market enthusiasts welcome! Lu Ronghua wants to borrow, "the daily limit death squads in the light, the liberation of South Road, is undoubtedly the most ideal place.


while selling coffee and financial

for this cafe, from rent to decoration, buy equipment, recruit employees, and spent a total of nearly 2 million yuan. These funds are basically two of them from the stock market and futures market to earn. Coffee shop on the first floor of a lot of life, financial aspects of magazines and newspapers;

two buildings on both sides of the middle hall lounge, a large screen projection, investors can real-time Kanpan, the entire two floor there are 30 computer Internet access for investors trading; third floor is represented by Buffett, Lynch, Soros, Peter · Rodgers, Graham and other investment master name box.

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