How to teach Jia Nailiang turned up a second pass way

see "Dad came back," this program, the father will always be "no brains" to beat. In all of the most helpless father, daddy Jia Nailiang. Take my daughter to go to Xiangshan, small sweet sweet tears fall accident; bring women back to the scene into the wind play small sweet sweet cry. Daddy, why do you always have all sorts of problems? Why can’t you take your kids to a safe and fun place?

what local safety and fun? Mothers know best. This weekend, small children came to the Wanda Plaza shop Wang Baohe District Swimming Hall, found the mother and the children playing very happy here. "The indoor children’s playground health and safety, can not only exercise the child, hand brain coordination and response capability, but also foster the children’s courage. I’m happy to play here.  , "said one of the 80 ‘s freaky mothers.

for children in the city, the safety of entertainment is too small, "reinforced concrete forest" is a step by step to squeeze play space for children. Survey shows that 93% of parents want a safe place for children to play. Indoor children’s Park is well timed. This is a special designed for 2-6 years old children’s entertainment world, children’s safety as the first.

why in the economic development of the downturn in the economy today, the baby is still contrarian growth? China’s modern city is generally "6+1" family model, four elderly, a couple around a child, "the six wallet for a child to spend". Broad market prospects, ultra high profit margins, China has entered a golden baby industry investment boom.


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