2012 what is the most profitable item

entrepreneurs always want to know what is the most profitable to death, in the end what industries are profiteering? People in those industries which can find a real profit space?

the personal profit of cleaning chemicals, the most horrible.

in toothpaste, for example, one of the most expensive ingredients, the foaming agent cost is only 600 yuan / ton or even lower, and 600 yuan for the foaming agent can be filled with the biggest 6000, 180 grams of toothpaste. The remaining cost of the effective ingredient is negligible, the amount of calcium carbonate powder per ton cost is only about 120 yuan, the most advanced fluoride toothpaste, the effective ingredient – sodium fluoride per ton cost but $100. Domestic low-end products do not forget, even with silicon abrasive Crest, 180 grams of retail price of about $13, the market can only sell a lot of money, do not say, wash your hair, and more terrible than this?.

health care products


the non carbonated juice drinks the most profitable, fruit juice beverage market retail price of 2 dollars even the packaging cost + equipment costs only 7 cents, while the beverage cans are lower, only 5 cents.



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