Guangzhou Yangcheng Evening News will be held in the second generation sharing

talking about entrepreneurship, different people have different views, for young entrepreneurs, it is a good idea to communicate with each other is not a good idea. Recently, the Yangcheng Evening News held second in Guangzhou Yangcheng creative park to create a generation of sharing, you start a large coffee to share new ways of marketing.


the Internet to subvert the traditional industry to create new ways of

from the membrane family won the Tmall mask sales champion, to the college students part-time APP part-time cat on the traditional intermediary subversion to the impact on the traditional APP model model broker platform model agency, from the three generation share yesterday hit a roadshow project meeting is not difficult to find, as the Internet subversive speed the development of traditional areas of the industry have OCS, began to explore the new ways of the Internet era.

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