Cycle to Shanghai Jiaotong University launched innovative research work

colleges and universities in China are committed to the forefront of the development of the industry, especially in the field of scientific and technological innovation. At present, science and technology innovation has become an important driving force for the development of the times. Entrepreneurs with a sense of smell also see the field of science and technology innovation, and actively participate in.

2 in the afternoon of 18 March, the relevant departments of the city was deputy mayor of Shanghai city Zhou Bo, came to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zizhu Park research work, innovation and entrepreneurship, and we exchange forum.

Shanghai municipal government deputy secretary general

in the State Key Laboratory of ocean engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhou Bo heard the responsible person on the construction of laboratory work report, visited the laboratory results show. State Key Laboratory of ocean engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University based on "marine engineering" and "mechanical" two national key disciplines, from the deepwater offshore basin, offshore basin, towing tank and structural mechanics laboratory test facilities, has been in the basic research and the major engineering research completed the study a lot of work and reached the international advanced level of research.

in Zizhu Park Convention Center, the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, Minhang District government, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, min Hong estate (Group), Zizhu Hi-tech Zone (Group) according to the overall deployment of Shanghai construction science and technology innovation center with global influence, signed a joint construction "Zizhu innovation corridor" cooperation framework agreement the six party will work through innovative mechanisms, integration of resources, to form a cohesive force, will be "Zizhu innovation corridor" to build the core zone, science and technology innovation center in Shanghai south of the high-end manufacturing industry clusters, innovation demonstration zone.

frequency in the research of Zizhu recommended

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