Forget about starting a business with a small goal of 10 million


comments: all is not to make money for the purpose of business is bullying! Because before too many companies are to VC, after experiencing winter capital, did not hold down the dead, survive the D round, C wheel is still a loss, people do not know what they should play "rogue" how long. So, forget about it! Set up a small goal for yourself, such as earning him 10 million first, and then we talk about entrepreneurship.


entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice. After you hit, consciously or unconsciously, entrepreneurship and financing will be equated to entrepreneurial companies and a Internet Co will be equated, founder and star equated, as if to so, it can be described as successful. As a non successful continuous entrepreneurs, there are several Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship) and Intrapreneurship (enterprise) experience, is a superficial reflection.

do a great company and open a barber shop are entrepreneurial

Paul Graham said that the start-up company is defined as a rapid growth of the company, to become a start-up company (Startup) need to have two conditions:

can make a lot of people need products;

offers products that can reach these people and serve them.

is also an entrepreneurial project, some will develop into a start-up company, and some can only become a common company. Open a barber shop because it is difficult to standardize the copy, just do a business, can only become a "general company".

Paul Graham eyes, the rapid growth of start-up companies, it is possible to become a unicorn, to become a great company, change the world, the benefit of mankind, Startup=Growth.

however, the reality is that most of us, only the ability to open a barber shop and resources.


if the ability and resources can not support your dream, do an ordinary company

an entrepreneurial project to the rapid development of the team often need to, the direction of the right time to start the resources enough, but also need enough luck. Diamond project, star team, "with the money," the wind mouth…… Sometimes we don’t share.

entrepreneurship is your choice of lifestyle, pain and happiness, do what you like, and constantly challenge themselves, enjoy the fun of creation. At the same time, we should also be subject to the uncertain future of the project, the team is unstable, cash flow fracture, seeing the opportunity to slip away from the eyes, sleepless nights…… So, even if the same can not be accounted for, you can bravely venture.

just, need to dream deep in the bottom of my heart, to find a way to live, from an ordinary company started.


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