Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest the semi finals finals to be in full swing

entrepreneurship competition is a great platform for young people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, Guangzhou youth contest the semi-finals or very good be in full swing, young entrepreneurs are struggling for their own ideals, to see this scene, like to see a bright future Chinese!

3 29 ~30 June, jointly organized by the municipal Party committee, municipal bureau committee, city and Social Council, the Municipal Education Bureau, municipal committee, city committee, City Youth Federation and other units, Guangzhou City Youth Employment Service Center, Guangzhou Internet association hosted the third session of the Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest semi-finals Internet special review held in Yuexiu District science and Technology Parks Huanghuagang Park creative street cafe branch. 113 youth entrepreneurship project team a total of more than 500 people through the project roadshow way to compete for the finals.

It is reported that the investigation of

, Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship needs and preferences early, the municipal Party committee, city youth center actively integrate industry associations, leading enterprises, well-known venture capital to join the competition, providing exhibition and communication, enhancing training, elements of the docking platform for entrepreneurial team, to link the government and society of professional resources.



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