College student village entrepreneurship demonstration project

now the whole society in promoting some school students entrepreneurship activities, but also is a social group of people’s attention, is college-graduate village official who, now they have become the main force of entrepreneurship.

10 college graduate Village demonstration project list

A, Bo technology 50 thousand yuan in 50 square meters of shops open computer technology services, network security enforcement and legal advisory services in April this year has opened a sales income of 80 thousand yuan will be combined with Yao Tang Zhen Huamuzhixiang advantage, build agricultural information, agricultural news, Hua Mutui as one of the information network platform, promote the local economy and the development of agricultural production, and Huang Chao (graduated from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology Information Engineering) Jintan Yaotang town

two, clothing beauty boutiques 100 thousand yuan 30 square meters of shops in the retail clothing business since July this year sales revenue of 50 thousand yuan and absorb 1 employment will open up a corner as love coaching in the shop, dedicated to provide free clothes for five households, households, increasing social effect (Guo Fanhong graduated from the Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology of chemistry and chemical engineering Jintan Rulin town


three, the backyard chicken 120 thousand yuan 10 acres of free range chicken nearly 200, the geese 50 sales revenue 50 thousand yuan; hire 2 villagers for the breeder; free of charge for the villagers do chicken farming training; 5 households led the villagers to carry out large-scale chicken rearing, the annual average household income 5000 yuan market demand is big. The products of the project are in short supply; the next step is to expand the scale, technically improve chicken quality; at the same time, expand sales channels, product types, the development of deep processing of Huang Jin (graduated from Nanjing University of Finances and Economics majoring in Business Administration) Liyang Tianmuhu >
four, Tianmu Education Center 100 thousand yuan 200 square meters of tutoring site; this year since founded in September, has already attracted 7 people employed at present no output is mainly in the service of left behind students and the poor students and other students need extracurricular counseling, in preparation for operation after the mature gradually to the village of the town of radiation, and gradually expand the service types. (Connie Wang Jingdong graduated from the Nanjing Institute of Technology college marketing professional) Liyang City Nandu town


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