Open a specialty wonton shop business is hot money fast

wonton as an important form of catering market, has a very high popularity, while the number of stores is very large. Therefore, if you do not make a feature, there is no way to attract consumers. So, want to make money business might open a wonton, wonton shop features.

Maoming after the road there is a gold master wonton shop. Shandong style bowls braved the hot gas. The table is carrying a basket of the elderly, also has a loading of young people. Wonton shop consumption object is very broad, as long as Chinese will love. The secret lies in its unique soup bag. But the wonton restaurant like KFC, Coca-Cola, also has a secret recipe.

marked "gold master" small soup bag, Elan contains 30 kinds of ingredients, research units only detect MSG, chicken and spicy powder. There was a branch without his Jerry soup bag, those patrons suddenly eat strange to the business suddenly plummeted.

legendary story made soup gold master package also adds a bit of romance. Because it is a unified supply, gold master wonton specifications are very neat. Is generally 6 to 7 in two in Shanghai, the one and only large Pork and Vegetable Wonton Soup was 8 to 9 in two halves. Thin meat, meat is featured on the thigh meat and fat, and egg dough, no wonder the gold master wonton so delicious.

gold master wonton always contains dine in and take out two kinds of sales channels. No time to cook the housewife can easily take a box of home, pour boiling water, soup put, everything is OK. In 1994, the share of the takeaway even exceeded the hall to eat. Is in 2001, often can account for 30%~40%.

a lot of work in the office white-collar workers to develop such a habit: hungry, make a phone call delivery, will soon have a bowl of hot wonton end to my desk. Jinshifu customers in 90% are familiar, they became the most cherished Yisifumu gold master. So, you have to rely on their own money to make excellent technology! Like gold master, you might as well try.

Market Outlook:

wonton shop is on the expenditure of money, low profit sales. Hardworking nature is very important, but also to learn to restrain their employees, or else will lose money. Some employees do "ramming paste", take the vest bag, paper napkin, remember to turn off the tap is a gas, do not remember the small screw. Not a strange Months and years pass by..

the usual formalities, pay the taxes to pay off, if fined money, a small wonton shop can’t afford. All the wonton shop more and more auspicious, dumplings chain bakery "catch up from behind.

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