To ensure the safety of Bengbu on the tongue of the cooked meat products of small workshops rectific

with the development of economy, our consumption capacity has been significantly improved, so in daily life, become a homely food people eat out, but food safety when eating out is still a problem. The day before, the Bengbu Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau to carry out remediation work of cooked meat products in small workshops within the city, and further regulate the production and operation of cooked meat products. Currently, the city has more than and 30 small meat products to reach the record filing standards, more than 40 cooked food processing enterprises to obtain production licenses.

from the beginning of March this year, the Bengbu Municipal Food and Drug Administration Mopai, determine the city a total of more than 120 sizes ranging from small workshops of cooked meat products. The Bureau issued a special rectification program, requiring small meat products should be equipped with a suitable raw material storage, cleaning, processing of special sites; ground, wall to clean and hygienic, food raw materials must be a cable ticket.

on the use of inspection and Quarantine of meat products as raw materials, production and processing in the range of ultra limited use of food additives, meat processing small workshops illegal to add non food substances and the use of rosin in unhairing process will be included in the "black list", and dealt with according to the law.

to ensure the safety of the tongue, Bengbu of cooked meat products in small workshops rectification, to a certain extent, effectively curb the black businesses illegal, so that food safety issues people further guarantee. The city will also intensify supervision of the markets, supermarkets, food service units, prohibited the purchase and sale of food processing small workshops without obtaining the "registration certificate" and "no meat products with the goods peer".

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