Venture capital mechanism to gradually improve the entrepreneurial spring is coming

for the entrepreneur to speak, relatives and friends support is important, but the real entrepreneurs give maximum help and encouragement is tantamount to national policy support, China’s venture investment mechanism is perfected, which really makes entrepreneurs plenty of confidence.

One of the specific measures of

encouragingly, January 14th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting has decided to set up new industries, as early as the mid start-up period of innovative enterprises as a new industry venture capital investment fund of the national key guidance, special funds for the central finance and the development of strategic emerging industries central infrastructure investment funds with stock formation the total size of 40 billion yuan of new industries to guide venture capital funds, and government financial leverage, attract strong enterprises, large financial institutions and other social and private capital to participate in.

in addition to guide the venture capital fund, the role of fiscal policy can not be ignored. Because venture capital investment in venture capital, but also often in the weak position of rights and obligations asymmetry, if only rely on the market mechanism will inevitably produce failure phenomenon. Therefore, the introduction of appropriate support policies is to improve the investment and financing mechanism of the venture should move. Among them, the tax incentive policy has been proved to be an effective supporting policy.

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