Planting Gastrodia elata star

90 entrepreneurial force is growing, no matter how previously not optimistic, but there are a lot of excellent entrepreneurial groups after 90, to prove their strength.

"a pile of sand in the greenhouse and spread, sand buried in a" golden pimple "is quietly growing, they placed a master of entrepreneurial dreams……" Here is the British county Zhuo tube well town riding long Walled Village, after 90 college students Tan Juan entrepreneurial place – Choi Choi family farm.

Learning is inseparable from the

"during the selection of Gastrodia entrepreneurship and my college major in school, I was thinking what to do graduate, with their profession, they will want to come back to business when the boss, to create their own piece of heaven!" Tan Juan recalled to reporters from his entrepreneurial experience.

about self employment, the 90 girls story touched so many people. Her second year of College on the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship, while studying at the same time to learn, while participating in school social practice, looking for entrepreneurial projects, for their own business to lay the foundation for preparation. After many investigations, Tan Juan will start looking at Tianma, because the Tianma high value, belongs to the type of traditional health tonic medicine, also belong to the pure natural pollution-free green project, for the country, for society, for the villagers is undoubtedly a good project.

because more theoryless practice reason, Tan Juan University will follow the teacher with the grassroots, go to study multi project. Especially to follow the teacher to join the Beichuan Baihua Village planting Gastrodia aid the poor project, let her see the broad prospects of them, which makes her secretly determined to return home.

2013 in May, Tan Juan returned to his hometown carries the dream began his entrepreneurial dream, relying on entrepreneurial family assistance and loans provided by the government, she in zhuotongjing town riding a dragon village lease 10 acres, built of edible and medicinal fungi own planting base, the county finance family farm, the main planting Gastrodia etc. edible and medicinal fungi.

the road of entrepreneurship is not due to differences in the Everything is going smoothly., geography, soil and other conditions, Tan Juan after many experiments choose indoor planting gastrodia. In particular, the farm has just been established, is facing a shortage of funds, fear of market sales and other issues, but also suffered two floods. But she is not difficult to defeat us, with perseverance and courage, she overcame the difficulties one by one way of planting gastrodia.

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