What are the problems in the management of organic food stores

because now people are very concerned about the diet, coupled with the existence of the entire food safety issues, so that organic food is growing market space. However, there is not much success in running the business. There also exist some problems because of nature. So, what are the problems of organic food store management?

with the food safety issues continue to emerge, organic food stores has become a hot investment. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, organic food stores have been able to see in many communities. See some stores opened not long, they put up the shutters, it is worth pondering. The author has long been engaged in the promotion of ecological green products, is engaged in organic food sales agency exchanges, found that often encounter the following problems:

first, the lack of terminal retail experience

to China first organic food stores ostore as an example, the company mainly engaged in foreign trade business personnel of agricultural products, on the domestic market, especially the retail terminal leads to a lack of experience, too large, specialty food, organic bakery, organic coffee shop started at the same time, beginning in the shop, to form a core the advantages and characteristics, and many products imported from abroad, the price is expensive, even foreigners residing in Shanghai can not accept, put up the shutters in a year’s time.


engaged in real estate, energy resources, financial enterprises have also added to the organic food market, but the lack of sufficient patience and retail experience, with the capital, the strength we have set up shop, for example once Forbes forefront in the group, quietly launched opened 3 stores, and that the market is not enough mature, the return period is too long, but the nature of the problem is the control of the industry and the market operation ability of lack of understanding. Many enterprises lack of patience, attention to short-term effects, but I do not know the world’s top 500 enterprises are mostly daily necessities and retail origin.

two, lack of understanding of the organic industry and development trend

boss because start to live the organic life, think the market is very promising, they have entered the industry, but the problem lies in the development of organic food and to enter the market, and the lack of the most basic understanding, market orientation and business scope of the basic is not clear, feel what to sell to sell what.

For example, in

into the organic industry training for a NASDAQ listed companies, the proposal does not use brand name has been adopted, and strengthen the group purchase and gift market development efforts, but the companies that are successful listed companies, do not care, the results in the subsequent encountered trademark infringement caused trouble, was forced to rename a lot of waste of resources and unnecessary legal disputes.

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