Henan college students venture capital funds to support up to 150 thousand yuan

entrepreneurship difficult, difficult in the direction, it is difficult in the absence of money. The graduation also often means unemployment, entrepreneurship is the biggest problem in this world. However, the government has effectively solved this problem, to provide entrepreneurial subsidies and related support funds.

Henan college students into the campus service activities launched in March 26th. During the event, the provincial and municipal levels of human society, the education department and the relevant university cooperation, will venture through a series of measures and policies, entrepreneurship training, business loans and other in the campus.

from the beginning of March, will select outstanding entrepreneurship training of teachers to carry out free entrepreneurship training for Entrepreneurship with better conditions; the establishment of service centers in the conditions of the college students, easy to understand entrepreneurship policies.

College Students’ self employment

to meet the conditions, each of them can get 5000 yuan venture subsidies; entrepreneurial team of college students, mainly for registration within 5 years of Small and micro businesses, giving 20 thousand ~15 million yuan of funds to support according to the situation.

centralized reporting: college students to support the project to declare a year two times, respectively, in May and in October, the focus of the business incubator park.

personal declaration: qualified college students can apply to the entrepreneurial location of human resources and social security departments to apply for Entrepreneurship (business) subsidies.

for a cavity blood, eager to show the aspirations of college students, this business subsidies and support funds like a timely rain, brought hope, brought a bright. Want to start college students, seize the opportunity oh!

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