Hangzhou building public record space creating hope about the future

now the era of fierce competition, the traditional industry if the enterprise is not timely transformation and upgrading, it will be far behind the rest of the other peers. Hangzhou state-owned enterprises established "mind multi-creation space", has helped 78 entrepreneurial projects go out from here, the internal entrepreneurial dream.

red fire, billowing waves, more than half a century of combustion in Hangzhou, left an indelible mark in the hearts of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou first. Now, there are 112 Hangzhou Steelers joined the army of entrepreneurship, they were hatched 78 items, respectively, from the Internet, trade, agriculture and other industries. Another half a month, that is after the lunar new year, these projects will be settled in the Hangzhou public record space".

innovative gene long-standing — in early mid before shutting down the steel base, there have been some projects to start operations, for a short time, part of the project can not see the economic benefits, but many projects worth the wait. Even a cadre, after learning of the news, but also to give up the original salary, investment of entrepreneurship.

in the planning drawings, the original sheet plant, more than 30 thousand square meters of space, endowed with thick hope. The future of public space, but also to locate the wisdom of the popular health field.

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