How to make the traditional electricity supplier website through marketing

when it comes to share marketing, I believe there is a great traditional electricity supplier website marketing staff are very clear, part of the marketing staff are very good at this kind of marketing, because through marketing is a free and simple and practical means of marketing. So far, there are many traditional ecommerce websites in order to spread effect, almost all in the use of leveraging the marketing part of the marketing staff, and look for the means of marketing, perhaps because leveraging marketing is very suitable for the traditional electricity supplier website.

what is leveraging marketing? Some business owners may be a green hand is not very understanding, in fact, through marketing refers to the internal resources or conditions under the condition of insufficient use of various means, with the aid of a marketing tool used by external forces and resources for their own, compared with the advertising and other means of communication, through marketing can play a small high, spend money, do the action, and often can get 42 pounds of communication effect. So, more and more traditional business website to do through marketing.


is a traditional glasses industry business owners, is currently online website and store the line with the electricity provider platform, in order to let the website to have the target flow, fast, now through leveraging marketing to marketing, and the marketing is done before the diagnosis of SEO when the A5 service in the marketing of their tell me, later found a long period of time the effect is very good, so today I put through marketing share out, hope can help to do some traditional electricity supplier website webmaster. To do a good job of leveraging marketing, we must first borrow three things: brand, customer and channel, the following simple speaking.

a, borrow brand

first, is to borrow the brand. If you can effectively use the well-known brand, may quickly enhance their brand awareness and influence. For example, the Olympic Games in Australia during the Olympic Games is a typical representative of the Olympic Games as the largest sports event in the history of mankind, the world’s attention. Has become the intersection of many businesses concerned. For example, in Beijing’s Olympic bid, Coca-Cola, general motors, glasses and other companies are actively involved in these companies through the use of the Olympic brand can successfully marketing.

brand for enterprise website, etc. it is very important, many users only look for the brand, the other almost do not recognize. So, if your brand itself does not have much influence, can help others to do the brand marketing, one might ask how to use other brand, people don’t know us, and we will not care about the brand of these small brands, the author suggests to spend a little money to get. The relationship, Money talks, bullshit walks., money can do things are not things, so spend money to borrow the brand.

two, by the user

then, borrow the user. For the website, the enterprise, how to get effective users is a problem, especially some of the new products on the site, want to get a lot of new users is more difficult, and

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