A college student’s entrepreneurial path

business is not easy, many people give up halfway, life is also very difficult to realize their dream of becoming rich. Right now, many people are planning to open a home store, but we do not know how to do a good job. Wang Gang just graduated from college students want to try, he has been working hard, met a lot of difficulties, but he insisted on down. For the majority of entrepreneurs, he is a good example of praise and learning.

is not a businessman, but he is a businessman. This double degree Computer Chemistry, college graduates, to give up studying, went all the way from Xi’an to Shenzhen, in the "Wan Chai popular Hong Kong" on a "heart Home Furnishing" shop, Home Furnishing monopoly activities. In prosperous Shenzhen, although a few months ago can only earn about 2000 yuan a month, he was satisfied and confident, he said, many people put Home Furnishing cloth when crafts to sell, the price is not cheap, he found a new location in: keep the standard of similar products, lower prices, a combination of Arts and crafts and practical.

home products Stores – with their parents partnership venture

Wang graduated 2 years. Over the past 2 years, he did the IT industry, and did not involve management, management. In being described as the "right to work is not suitable for business" in Xi’an, nature is not "made" the king group felt anguish to the pole.

Wang group had a small workshop in Xi’an, do all kinds of cloth products — quilt cover, table cloth, curtains. In the tourist resort, many foreign, Hong Kong and Macao tourists will be finished as a handicraft collection. As the king said: "10 tourists pass, there will be eight or nine people stopped to look at, and there will be 6 or 7 to buy our cloth."

however, in Xi’an, after all, can only do small business, if it is in the visitors "welt" in Shenzhen, can do a big deal? At the beginning of this year, Wang mission to Shenzhen, before playing IOU to parents, by the first batch of goods, signed a cooperation agreement with them. In business, as each other’s partner.

Home Furnishing supplies stores, retail is not a permanent solution of

smart Wang Tuan, Shenzhen to do the first step is to market research. He found that the price of cloth in Shenzhen is very expensive, even some of the low quality goods, but also hit the high price. Contrast species, he found that many of their goods in Shenzhen can not find – this should be their own selling point of the market!

since the market is different, it can not be accepted by the customer? Wang decided to do the first test. He is in a new shopping mall rented less than 10 square meters of shops, put out a part of the goods. The market positioning is slightly higher than the East Gate most stores, although not recommended

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