North teeth old factory turned experimentation area business opportunities

Beijing business incubator building is becoming more and more perfect, Beijing will become the economic, political and cultural center, is because there are many advantages, but also a talented person who the first choice for business, as well as policy support, business must have action.

belonging to BAIC Beijing gear factory, located in the West Chaoyang District Dingfuzhuang No. 2 in the hinterland, the core area of national cultural industry innovation experimentation area. The original workers in 2400 people, with the production of 1700 sets of equipment, is the largest scale in the transmission light vehicle, a variety of animals is one of the backbone enterprises, drive axle gear production, the factory has been the overall move to Hebei Huanghua.

The total area of 66 thousand square meters

field gear according to the relevant person in charge of the park: "the park will focus on brand start-ups, for entrepreneurs to provide enterprises from start-up to a stable development track, from work to the full range of space ecological circle of life and the whole industry chain of ecosystem services."


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