Yang Guofu Malatang joined in support of what

as Malatang joined the top project brand, behind the popular the tremendous attractive business opportunities, joining Yang Guofu Malatang will not do, the integrity of the brand must will give you the most powerful support to reassure you business. The following will enjoy after Yang Guofu Malatang join support:

1, market research: the company will apply for the franchise operators to operate the region to do a full range of surveys, and appointed marketing specialist to visit, to assist applicants to make accurate investment analysis report;

2, site investigation: find a location is key to successful shop to join, the headquarters of the all customer requirements to join the site selection, send professional fieldwork, after a comprehensive analysis, put forward a proposal;

3, store design: the company will join the business of the actual situation of the most reasonable store decoration design, in order to unify the brand image, to meet the CIS requirements of the company;

4, supporting facilities: the company will provide a series of equipment for each franchisee to unify the brand image of all the stores, the company requested by the company unified production and procurement;

5, business guide: the company appointed designer and regional manager of power investigation, according to the actual situation of the local help stores develop business plan is correct, free design publicity hanging flags, banners and posters brochures, offers a variety of promotional programs to ensure jiamengfei rapid and smooth business operations;

6, display guide: the company will provide regular stores to join the standard display and marketing specialist to join the staff training guide;

7, training services: the company will be appointed to the market for senior management consultant to join a series of marketing staff training, training for franchisees to high-quality staff.

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