The new cigarette sales only three measures

if it is an old brand has been accepted by the market, basically do not need to do what the sales promotion, the market has been recognized, the product can be a good sales. However, for the new cigarette ordering, many retail businesses have conflicting emotions, the reason is that the new cigarette visibility is low, low recognition of cigarette consumers, sales difficulties, low sales.

in fact, as long as the retail merchant and the change of cognitive concepts, and actively explore new products promotion and sales of cigarettes in the daily operation, not only can make new cigarette cigarette by the majority of consumers, will make the store of cigarette sales and operating profit on a big step. So, in the daily cigarette business, retail business how to promote new cigarettes? As long as the following three points, it is no longer difficult to sell new cigarettes.

display conspicuous. New cigarettes are generally unknown, not known for the majority of cigarette consumers. Unlike the well-known brands of cigarettes cigarettes, cigarette consumers into the store, do not have to look carefully in the smoke cabinet, you can say you want to buy cigarettes brand. So, to the new cigarette sales well, first of all to the new cigarette smoke in a prominent position display cabinet, let consumers take cigarette eye can see, that is to say a "mixed Lianshu in cigarette in the eyes of consumers".

in addition to the highly recommended retail businesses, it is possible to make cigarette consumers like new cigarettes, so that the sale of new cigarettes. In order to highlight the new cigarette retail merchants can take a brand new display around cigarette cigarette brands, this can cause the cigarette consumer attention, can greatly promote new products promotion and sales of cigarettes.

promotion to accurate. The new cigarette for promotion of retailers, but the retail businesses in the promotion of new cigarette, also can not be too blind to see who is who this promotion, not only to promote the purpose of sales, there may also be a part of consumers to generate resentment, and thus no longer patronize shopping. Therefore, the retail business in the promotion of new cigarettes, we must learn to carry out precise recommendation – the introduction of new cigarettes to the most likely to buy cigarette consumers.

, for example, some cigarette consumers to the store to buy cigarettes, our retail merchants can from the customer manner, you can estimate the customer whether the "leisure", if you see the name of the customer in a hurry to depart, a hurry appearance, we don’t he to retail merchants to promote new products to the cigarette he can’t buy, promotion, but also quite disgusted.

if the customer a calm demeanor appearance, it means that he is free, and is in no hurry to leave, then our retail businesses can give him a new cigarette promotion, because he was not too busy to hurry, we will listen carefully, it is possible to buy, even if he is not enough to buy the new cigarette.

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