Two thief bravery also greatly during the day to steal about one hundred kilograms of jade carving

Victory Hotel 9 floor hall, a very expensive, weighing about 100 kg of "Heyuan" jade crafts in the day, "missing". After the West Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade lasted 20 days and nights fighting, Jiang Heyuan jade carving, and finally returned to his home".

January 18th, the West City Public Security Bureau police brigade received a report that the building of the Victory Hotel 9 floor of a piece of valuable jade crafts Jiang Heyuan stolen. Alarm, the city police immediately organized the police to carry out the investigation, after the police investigation and evidence collection, to determine the case for the suspect, such as Ma two. February 10th, investigators soldiers in two directions, in peace County and the city of East District Mill Park area will be arrested suspects. read more

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Xining special steel to complete a research project

In August 23rd, after a group of experts on the evaluation of the provincial science and Technology Department, done by Xining Special Steel Co in Qinghai province key science and technology project "high quality special steel production technology integration products research, reached the leading domestic level. This result not only allows enterprises to win the market influence, but also shorten the gap between Xining and domestic and foreign advanced enterprises.

Xining special steel in University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chongqing University and National Engineering Research Center of continuous casting under the guidance of experts and professors, through independent innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation, Gao Jie developed a purification, high uniformity and defect free surface series of special steel smelting technology products. And developed a series of high cleanness, dense and uniform, high quality and stable performance of large size forging, high alloy tool and die steel, high quality bearing steel, gear steel for special steel products, brand cluster annual output of about four hundred thousand tons of production scale and strong market competitiveness and influence, value reached 2 billion 700 million yuan, two hundred million yuan to create benefits. (author: Wei Jinyu) read more

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Xining harvest in the first half of 112 fine days

The author learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the first half of the total harvest of 112 good days, I prove that by combining distance and pollution way of tackling the problem, focusing on promoting the city dust pollution, coal smoke pollution, motor vehicle pollution, industrial pollution and other air pollution comprehensive management work, has achieved remarkable results.

last month, 28 sky air quality standards

according to the "ambient air quality standards", June, the city’s total effective monitoring of city air quality monitoring for 30 days, compliance days proportion was 93.3% (28 days), the class A (excellent) for 3 days, two (good) for 25 days. There are 3 days of air quality did not appear primary pollutants. At the same time, the city of the city the amount of dust is 18.56 tons / square kilometer · month, and in May 2014 compared to the amount of dust fall, a decline of up to $46.91%, compared with the same period last year, the amount of dust is basically flat. read more

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Xining city to observe the group to come to my District Youth Activity Center guidance

  June 20th morning, the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, city union chairman Wang Haihong, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Du Shupin, vice chairman of the CPPCC Liu Fade and relevant departments responsible person, the party secretary Wang Jianfeng, director of the Wang Jinxia Han Xianghui District People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the district government district, district committee chairman Zhao Shengzhu District standing committee, Minister of Propaganda Department Zhi Jun, deputy district government of Changan Wen Bin Zhang Dingshen, accompanied by the field to watch the North District Youth Activity Center work of a city.

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Xining population aging trend of 10 labor force to support each of the 1 elderly

According to the sixth census data show that the increase of population aging in Xining city in 2010 trend, the elderly dependency ratio (per hundred working age population burden the proportion of older people) was 9.94%, 10 years increased by 3.26 percentage points, an average of 10 working age population to raise 1 elderly people. This reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics.

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Xining tax system to carry out the core values of the tax theme of educational practice

In order to ensure that the city’s land tax system of cadres consciously "loyalty, dedication, law-abiding, honest and innovative" requirements of the heart within and outside practice in line, firmly establish a correct outlook on life, values, world view, Xining City Bureau of solid and effective tax organization to carry out the core values of education practice, in various forms and carriers enrich the content of education, creating a strong atmosphere of Education

to ensure that the city’s land tax system of cadres consciously "loyalty, dedication, law-abiding, honest and innovative" requirements of the heart within and outside practice in line, firmly establish a correct outlook on life, values, world view, Xining City Bureau of solid and effective organization to carry out the tax the core values of the educational practice in various forms the carrier and enrich the content of education, creating a strong atmosphere of education. One is based on the socialist core value system and core values to carry out tax education and guidance, science, science, to take centralized decentralized carrying out the activity of "the theory of concept learning, communication, understanding of their learning style, complete the required learning contents, make the tax cadres consciously put local core values as the common ideal and value pursuit, effectively enhance the cadres team cohesion and combat effectiveness; two is to expand the education of social influence, the County Bureau of the use of electronic display scrolling to tax the core values of the main contents and related party discipline regulations, hanging banners in a prominent position, the publicity column publicity theme educational activities progress, set up the local image of the three is to strengthen the honest and clean; the culture and education, play to the function of cultural in tax law enforcement, independent risk control, moral cultivation Support and self-discipline for the content, organization to carry out a clean politics and the political behavior of calligraphy pen writing contest, to further standardize the behavior of cadres in politics, to abide by the law, law-abiding, usage, perform their duties according to law; four is the organization to watch for punishing and preventing corruption Education Series "duty", so that the majority of local cadres deeply to recognize the inviolability of the dignity of the law, must always remain sober minded, tight "honest and law-abiding" this string, do not touch the high-voltage wire, principle, integrity, dedication, realize their life value in Xining tax career development in. read more

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Xining city food and Drug Administration clean and efficient new image of the tree

this year, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration in the correct leadership of the municipal government and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city council office, conscientiously implement the spirit of the instructions to strengthen the level of the morals construction, to strengthen the work style construction and food and drug supervision work closely, adhere to the "construction, based on undergraduateteachingevaluation specimens the symptoms, the guiding ideology of" correction and construction, increasing style construction, grasp the management, grasping coordination, strict law enforcement, optimization services, and achieved good results. read more

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Qinghai Consumers Association issued consumer tips double 11 online shopping must be cautious ration

Anecdotal rumors, in November 11th the excessive use of mobile phones may be hot, do you want to prepare an ice cold?" Recently, the "double 11" endless variety of scripts. In the major electricity supplier by the double 11 big promotion on the occasion, the Consumer Association of Qinghai Province issued a consumer alert to the majority of online shopping consumers, to be cautious and rational consumption.

Consumers Association to remind consumers to pay attention to online payment. In the online shopping to choose a certain scale and the third party payment platform shops shopping website, try to use a browser security function, try not to click on the Sellers by providing MSN, QQ or E-mail etc. trading links or pictures, do not pay the third party to provide non goods for links. read more

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Xining science and Technology Bureau held a national innovative city construction liaison training c

in order to further promote the innovative city construction pace of our city, the implementation of the "Interim Measures" of the national innovation pilot city construction responsibility target assessment of Xining city and Xining city from 2011 to 2015 "national innovation pilot city construction tasks", the afternoon of June 24th, municipal science and Technology Bureau held a "national innovative city construction of Xining city liaison training class hotel in Xining". City Council members of the Commission, responsible unit liaison, a total of 35 people participated in the training. read more

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