What are the pitfalls of small business

many small business projects should pay attention to the more ah, although the venture capital is not much, but there are a lot of business impossible to guard against traps, must be treated with caution, because in recent years the entrepreneurial trap is really more and more sophisticated, liar technology is everyone unexpected! In this kind of situation, the author we list a few well worth attention that some small business sectors, the investment is most likely to naught.

often expose readers call by a processing project, planting project cheat. And they are reflected in the entry threshold is low, small investment projects that can improve the success rate. This is a psychological fact that many scam is aimed at entrepreneurs, money is really implemented. We collected 7 categories of small projects easily deceived, I hope to help you. read more

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Vice governor of Anhui Yang Zhenchao sacked

With the continuous development of economy, the problem of corruption derived from

is also serious. At present, Yang Zhenchao, vice governor of Anhui sacked, sacked by the incident of Yang Zhenchao, we can also see the party’s anti-corruption crackdown, continue to maintain the fine tradition of the party.

after Chen Weixi, Chen Shili, the west side of the screen, the incumbent vice governor of Anhui Province, Party members Yang Zhenchao, became nearly 20 years since August 1996 fourth Anhui sacked former Secretary of the Huainan municipal committee. read more

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Grain and oil wholesale department such a silly B name you dare to take it

said that although many people now take its time in innovation, want more attractive, but this does not mean that name can just take what kind of name, vulgar can be accepted. This is not small, this paper introduced the "silly B grain and oil wholesale department store, I believe many people cannot understand.

is known to all, "silly B" is a foul language. Anyone who has been called "silly B", this person will be anxious. However, in the urban area of Wenzhou Bridge farmers market, a vendor has given his own name of the oil and steel store, silly B Wholesale Department of grain and oil". This is for the Bo eyeball play gimmick? The wholesale department owner explained, his nickname is "silly B", he used to sell vegetables, grain and oil to do business now, this name can let the old customers, old friends know his shop. read more

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Five ways to teach investors to find good projects

entrepreneurship is the first step to find a project, to find a good project can be said to be essential, a good project allows investors to achieve a multiplier effect in the entire entrepreneurial process. So how to find a good project? This requires investors to understand some of the methods, there are five ways for investors.

1. read newspapers, magazines, media and so on, looking for friends of project finance, most need to find local investors, usually through the press, media release these channels, see more of these data, perhaps they are now doing the project will be of interest to you. read more

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Roast pig trotters do not worry about how to make money

production process is different, different cooking techniques, different sauces, baking methods are also different. Zhuge is not the same to roast pig’s trotters, tender and not greasy, bone crisp but not lit, the fresh fragrance is beautiful.

Zhuge baked unique " fat – pig’s trotters; tender, crisp " production technology is a major invention of cooking technology, to fill the barbecue catering technology blank, others can not imitate. Zhuge baked pig’s trotters featured more than 49 kinds of precious Chinese herbal blend. read more

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The correct way of operation of cosmetics franchise stores

a lot of people want to do business, after a tangle to open a cosmetics shop, may have no experience, do not know how to run, how to start a successful cosmetics chain stores? Go to the cosmetics chain stores in now is very common, whether it is hot hair dyes, nursing care can also be to provide consumers with the foundation, so it is there are so many consumers care cosmetics chain stores.

people become increasingly aware of the importance of professional hair care, hair coarse would give her the overall image of a lot of points deducted. Open a cosmetics franchise stores, for the vast number of men and women who love the most beautiful hair design. Hairdressing industry, is an eternal sunrise industry, therefore, the entrepreneurial market, the United States to join the project by the pursuit of entrepreneurs. read more

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New focus of wealth to buy OTA force focus

market opportunities everywhere to follow, you can find success. Share 70% interval fight five months before the three group purchase in the market, in October of this year reached 80.25%. According to the group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in October the total industry turnover rose slightly increased to 3 billion 530 million yuan, while the industry three male beauty group, public comment and Wo Wo Group total transaction volume reached 2 billion 833 million yuan, a record high.

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Automotive supplies franchise business skills sharing

auto supplies franchise market prospects, the development of large space. Many franchisees want to join them, but the new increase in investment success rate is difficult to protect. How to improve the success rate? This is a lot of novice concern. If you lack experience, you can learn a lot of knowledge, so that more peace of mind.

auto supplies stores for automotive supplies products for specific target customers, emphasis on personalized, including product style, automotive supplies store design, brand planning and other aspects. Only when the product style, auto accessories store style and brand image, brand personality is revealed. Therefore, auto supplies stores to foil the brand image is essential. read more

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