Thinking about the whole style and creative design of the website

The overall style and creative design of

websites are the most difficult for webmasters to master and the most difficult to master. It is difficult to have no fixed program to follow and imitate. Give you a theme, no two people can design exactly the same web site. When we say: ", this site is very cool, very personality! ", then, what makes you feel cool? What is the difference between it and the average website? This article tries to explain in the most concise language:

What is the read more

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On the class QQ site operation experience

in many small owners sites in a special class, that is the QQ site, using QQ, QQ and other words do head space station, to provide some QQ space skin download, some offer is QQ avatar download etc.. This type of site in the Internet, there are many, remember, there was a person who taught QQ space site, do well, the author also made a QQ space about the small station. Is the collection of many funny personality, QQ said, according to the content made a site, now a few months time, this time I also put this site in thinking about how to do better, after all the contents of this single station after all, to provide users with services is also very simple. Today I would like to talk about the operation of such sites, have done a similar site friends, can give me message, communicate with each other. read more

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Website construction experience the process of making a chapter whether the funds should be saved

I want to have some knowledge to have little talent and less learning reference website, want to attract more knowledge, what wrong please master Paizhuan!

first of all, a regular website production process is like this,


site planning – sketch (must do) plate fixed plate – site map site for static page program functions – buy a domain name space filling data upload program promotion so far come to an end!

today said the first plate! What is the site that is the end plate? Let those responsible for site planning, through the application of function and planning think, draw a sketch, it is best to use pencil on paper, of course nothing ~ then pen web designer to add some sketches of web page layout knowledge, make a 1:1 the web plate drawing with PS or FW, some people used to do two pages, I love to do! Oh ~ this site, it has been very fast to see good websites like read more

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On the rigid demand of Taobao’s shop operation three


user experience, this is not the rigid demand Taobao store in business activities? From the macro point of view, but that is obviously not hong. But if you change the angle, as the shopkeeper of the shop, this user experience can be said to be online operators can not avoid a direct turnover ratio of the natural barrier.

is Taobao store rigid demand Hong discussed here, the main purpose is to highlight the key part in the Taobao store, the shopkeeper to help avoid detours, make a network of shops to become an entrepreneur or a micro economic organization can really end up eating, relatively secure jobs. read more

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Talking about the profit mentality of local gateway network through case

Hello, to meet with you again, I am Longquan net webmaster: Sichuan brother several times, and we talk about the local portal website operation ideas and grassroots promotion ideas, today we talk about profit under local portal ideas (after all the ultimate goal we do is to make a profit, I and some webmaster exchange, found that some owners do not know how the site is profitable, so I wrote this article in order to attract, because each local portal nets) open channel is not the same, so there is a difference in profit, today to my website for everyone to analyze: read more

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On protracted war the devotion and persistence of grass roots station owners

< say in front of >

if you can set up a plumbing line like a water company, you can have an endless stream of water fee.

just by sitting at the water meter

can continue to bring the income of the call called real assets, there is such assets let you once and for all,.

this is "Poor Dad Rich Dad" described by the concept of assets, many people who do direct selling, MLM people use this concept to convince more people to join the ranks of "assets" builders, you can once and for all. read more

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nnovation is the key to success

An expert at

had a test of putting 6 bees and 6 flies into a glass bottle, then putting Ping Ziping down and letting the bottom of the bottle go toward the window. What happens? We will see the bees keep wanting to find outlet at the bottom of the bottle, until they are exhausted or starved to death: and all the dead flies in less than two minutes, run through the other end of the bottle.

the bees thought that the exit must be in the brightest place, because they kept repeating the logical action. To the bee, glass is a kind of supernatural mystery in nature, they have never encountered this cannot penetrate the atmosphere; and their intelligence is high, the strange barrier is more cannot be accepted and understood. read more

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How to find rental housing and rental information

yesterday, I wrote an article entitled "my rental network under the line promotion method," a text, continue to write the rental network today, how to find listings and rental information?. Do rental network, I believe that home owners will certainly say that it is easy to rent a network, it is difficult to find housing. What are the channels for finding listings,


here, I put the house I find the channels to share with you webmaster.

one, through friends, let many friends introduce and help each other. For example, A is my friend, B is A’s friend, B has a house to rent, B will usually know, B know I am engaged in rental network, he will certainly tell me the information. So I will publish C information to my Foshan rental service ( For example, C’s house is rented out on my website, and later, C has a house to rent, will definitely contact me, or C’s other friends have a house, will also think of me. This is similar to the popular search for human flesh on the Internet these days. read more

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