The station optimization tutorial series two website of the head and the bottom of the optimization

3. website optimization. Many webmaster in the description of stackable keywords, that can improve the site’s ranking, in fact description is a summary of the whole content can function as a website, the purpose is to let the user know the search results on the site is what to do, what sort of services. Basically what no use for ranking. So, suggest webmaster do website description, don’t think of it as a tool can improve the ranking. The general content summary description on the website is more appropriate. read more

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What you have to pay attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon seven elements

Analysis of

for the website keywords, every webmaster friends should be very familiar with, the key is to describe a simple and comprehensive web site, web site keywords analysis is also called keywords positioning. Keywords site analysis is Shanghai dragon optimization one of the most important ring. Keywords analysis of the first thing to do is according to their own situation to analyze and determine the keywords to be set, for example you are doing sports website keywords that you take must maintain consistency and their own website. In addition, to analysis the key words of competition, as for the analysis of keywords competition degree, we can be achieved through the related webmaster tools, such as love for website search tool. After analyzing the keywords competition degree, the last is set keywords, keywords set to pay close attention to density, do not appear keyword stuffing phenomenon, this phenomenon is not very friendly to Shanghai, phoenix. In addition, you should also have a certain effect on the prediction of keyword set, this is the most comprehensive and most scientific. read more

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Analysis of reasons the site is not included and Solutions

pages and columns are not included with home related problems, I hope everyone can learn.


3. over optimization, cheating.

space is not stable not included in the content page

1. space if unstable best for a stable space or server, don’t get down on the search engine spiders are not friendly. Like you happy to go a beautiful home, every time do you eat, but you in recent days, from time to time you shut the door, don’t let you eat delicious. Similarly, the search engine spiders is the same. read more

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2013 love Shanghai period adhere to the stability and let you out of the study period

now many new sites in Shanghai were included after submitted love can quickly be loved in Shanghai included, but later included is facing a specific situation, no matter how hard that is the site included and rankings are not, in the face of this situation, I tell you: your site may have entered Shanghai on love in 2013, in Shanghai, love the time longer than in 2012, the study of the more stringent requirements. Faced with this situation, how can the ordinary webmaster out of love of Shanghai

, many webmaster in website on-line get dizzy with success, it is this mentality caused a website title and keywords is unreasonable, the website optimization steps move too fast, in this case you want to get out of the site is very difficult, so we must do the highly stable website during the sea love study, the following mainly talk about the three point: read more

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How to break the old station ranking fluctuating situation

[Second]: do not abuse the low quality of the chain

is believed to have had some experience of Shanghai dragon Er will have such a feeling: the difficulty of optimization than the old station to station. Although this situation is not absolute, but it is also very reasonable. The problem lies in the optimization of the old station is difficult to stabilize ranking, ups and downs is very troublesome. I also encountered these old station, I summarize a reason for the old station ranking from the ups and downs of excessive optimization. read more

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Modify the Title Description brought serious consequences


is a formal revision in the evening of 19 22:00 or so, after modification, the author went to sleep, the second day early in the morning to wake up to see what the parameters, and found no big change, I did not mind, feel in love in Shanghai may need to update, there will be change.

I began to nervous, because based on past experience, it is 0 and lovelessness Shanghai snapshot, basically concluded that the site was thrown into the black list of love Shanghai, and if you want to come out, and then from the list in either time or difficulty as can be imagined, energy is not allowed. But last night about 22:20 The path winds along mountain ridges., about the website included miraculously in the recovery process, as of now, before has been restored to 80%, as shown in figure read more

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Beijing Shanghai Dragon what is the beauty of Shanghai dragon

layout to consider the user, 20% to cater to the search engine, the first person’s time is limited, enter into your website, let them in the most speed time to solve the problem, find the demand point. Access to the site will have a theme, for too much, will get more less, a theme has the power to constantly improve the industry information and data. So there must be a clear theme, to identify a theme behind to expand, sincere to service for the user, forget the so-called Shanghai dragon white hat and black hat, this is your site is shown really. read more

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Entrepreneurship Guide how to become a leader in SEO startupsDried food! Qin Shuo Li Ya Fan Jun L

thinking is that, in this era, we are in what kind of content, what kind of point, can stick to a number of readers, is actually doing a very simple thing. For example, Tian Zong, their generation of entrepreneurs is a sense of history, and now 80, 90 people interviewed him, may feel a sense of history is not enough. This group of people, including Yanqing, many people have such a sense of history, but the vast majority of people in management. Just a little vacant at this point, so there are a number of fields like total this class of business leaders, they think we need depth to talk and talk about, but not so simple, we may have some position at this point. Do nanfengchuang for 14 years, so there are some thoughts on politics and economy, so there is some independent investigation, do some things in our ideological management, know the bottom line and the category, you can do something. read more

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US map has passed the listing hearing early next week for pre RoadshowThe reverse fighter Cui Yongyu

recently, as a well-known media people, presenters, and "reverse gene fighters", Cui Yongyuan became a businessman after the transition, once again become the focus of public opinion.

, according to Tencent technology previously reported, Mito plans to carry out IPO in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year, raising 500 million -10 billion U.S. dollars.

for example, Pu Gu Tang on the website.

and Beijing of "Pu Gu Tang mall" commodity pricing standard question.

Xinhua using "electricity supplier" instead of "reverse fighter" to call Cui Yongyuan, made "do electricity supplier" Cui Yongyuan will tell the truth?". read more

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Commonly used ASP scripting program highlights suitable for beginnersOnline money should have the qu

2, be peaceful. There must be a peace of mind, the online advertising company so much, there will be a liar, you have worked hard for one or two months, the results of what has not been; it also have to Chinese discrimination, you made a mistake by K delete account, oh, I K was once cast to waste $more than 30. So, a lot of misfortune should be calm and calm to face, you have to think about it, anyway, you have nothing, most of the loss of some effort and time.

1., ASP and Access database connection:


*.mdb}; uid=admin; dbq=" pwd= database password; & mdbfile


a recordset object:

read more

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